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Grade 4 HIV Lesson

The Michigan Model for HealthTM Grade 4 HIV/AIDS Education curriculum provides information on how HIV is and is not transmitted, how to protect oneself from infection, and how to be a friend to someone living with HIV or AIDS. This unit contains one lesson plan with teacher resources, and it is distributed separately from the core Grade 4 Teacher Manual because, in many states, approval by an advisory committee is required before HIV content can be taught in the classroom. 

The curriculum is designed to be inserted and/or taught with the larger core Grade 4 manual and provides teachers with:
  • fully scripted and user-friendly lesson plan to help teachers prepare to teach.  
  • lesson objectives and correlation with National Health Education Standards, time and materials chart, preparation tasks, tips, and lesson procedure. 
  • teacher resources including a streaming video, teacher references, family resource sheet, Pre-/Post Test (Google or PDF), and online resources.

Product purchasing options:
  • The Grade 4 core health curriculum teacher manual is sold separately.
  • Digital option sold individually. Includes a 2-year subscription length with unlimited curriculum updates and access to a web-based teacher lesson and all online teacher resources.
  • Print option sold individually and provides the teacher lesson as a packet. The teacher resource flash drive is sold separately or with the Grade 4 core teacher manual.

Item Price Quantity
Print $10.00
Digital $10.00

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